Drive loyalty and engagement:

From a consumer point of view the platform is the first to reward members for every piece of social interaction, from sending messages to adding content, commenting, inviting friends, purchasing and interacting with brands and their products. The platform is fully integrated with facebook and twitter, making it seamless for members to post their content and interaction to facebook and twitter via your own fully branded BeAddictive community. Members also have the considerable benefit of receiving additional loyalty points for doing so. We work with over 150 PR agencies enabling us to provide fantastic products, vouchers and services to members, all exchangeable for their loyalty points.

Word of mouth marketing:

On average 1 user invites 25 friends to our system, greatly increasing your reach without any extra spend. It creates a perfect environment for your brand evangelists to interact with the brand and the technology and features encourage them to spread the word and alert their friends to offers thereby growing your customer base and response rates.


Enabling the first word of mouth ROI – the system calculates the amount of viral that your social network creates. Allowing you to measure the impact of your offers, discounts and product launches.


It provides powerful viral opportunity - Allowing you to provide exclusive offers in a viral environment for maximum impact, these can be passed on to the users friends network.


Our social functionality allows your consumers to interact with your brand and includes the ability to: upload photos and videos, market events, run your own polls, conduct reviews, ask questions and inform your customers of new products and brand news.

Collect more data:

Our system measures and categorises all the information we collect on your customers and other customers. We provide you with access to this invaluable insight into your customer base via a sophisticated research tool. You will see in real-time up to 500 pieces of information on your customers, including their likes, brand associations, dislikes, purchasing habits and profiles. The unique in-built functionality also enables you to conduct your own research and polls with instant results.


The platform enables your customers to shop within a social environment and share their purchase behaviour with their friends on the platform but also on their facebook and twitter pages.