Your own bespoke community

We take your brand, your digital strategy and your goals and wrap our social loyalty platform around everything you are trying to achieve. We build you your own social community, which is then fully integrated with your facebook and twitter pages and used as your hub of social networking. We give your members all the tools they need to interact with one another and find new friends of the same interest. The platform rewards members for everything they do and encourages them to invite their friends and share their content and interaction onto their facebook and twitter pages.

The analytics

system possesses the most intelligent back end analytics suite available on any social media platform. A system that captures up to 500 pieces of data on each member, intelligently analyses the data and stores it in a manner that is manageable and distributive to the benefit of the brand.

The platform

is so advanced it will allow you to specifically target the most specific demographic with the likes of advertising banners, internal messages, polls, questions, reviews, competitions, community updates or even an external e-flyer, all at the touch of a button. The system intelligently allows you to display specific advertising banners to a certain demographic to ensure you are utilising their marketing material on the correct individuals.